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60-KW Generator Installation

Residential Installations & Repairs in Montreal

Bernard Légaré Ltéé provides a wide range of electrical services to homeowners in and around Montreal. We know that for residential clients, comfort and security are 2 crucial factors so we ensure that all work is performed in accordance with provincial safety standards. Here are some solutions we offer:

Radiant Heating

We also install radiant heating which effectively heats your entire home without consuming too much energy. If you already possess a radiant heating system and need repairs to be done, just give us a call.

Electric Water Heater

Electric water heaters are both cost and eco-friendly. Since less energy is consumed, the operating costs are also reduced. Another benefit is that it also heats water instantly. At Bernard Légaré Ltée, we install and repair all brands of electric water heaters.

Emergency Lighting

We also install the security lighting at main entrances, stairs and emergency exits of all types of buildings. These fixtures are especially mandatory in public places. They automatically switch on in emergency situations such as fires or when there is a power failure.

Electrical Work for Spas & Pools

Whether you need to install, service or repair your spa or pool, trust our team of master electricians for premium-quality services. We conduct all electrical work according to the highest safety standards in the industry. Let us handle all your electrical work for spas and Jacuzzis, automatic systems, timers, circulator pumps, etc.

Heat Pump for Pools

High quality heat pumps offer an ideal pool temperature. At Bernard Légaré Ltée, we install and repair heat pumps according to the safety standards of the provincial electrical code. Plus, all heat pumps are guaranteed by the manufacturer. Contact us now for more information.

Standardization of Installations

If the safety standards are not respected, a simple electrical installation could become a major disaster. The team at Bernard Légaré Ltée can ensure that all your home's electrical installations are up to standard. We inspect electrical panels to ensure they comply with the standards of the electrical safety Code.

Surge Protection

Surges can damage any type of electronic device that is plugged into an outlet, for example, televisions, computers, game consoles and DVDs. To avoid these problems, you can have a surge protector installed by one of our experts. Call now for more information.