Our history - Bulb light


Electrician team
Why is the company still called “Bernard Légaré Ltd.” when the owner’s name is Yvon Auger?

Mr. Bernard Légaré founded the company in 1952, and hired 16 year-old Yvon in 1959 as an apprentice electrician and treated him like a son.

When Bernard Légaré retired in 1980, Yvon bought the company and kept the name Bernard Légaré Ltd. since the company always had a good reputation, which it retains to this day. The new owner Yvon Auger adopted the same approach as his predecessor, with a family spirit of cooperation and camaraderie within the company. This is the way Bernard Légaré had done things, he was very open and trusted his employees.

Over the years, the company has served as a springboard to thirty employees who, in turn, became owners of their own business or foremen in large electricity companies.

“I (Yvon Auger) now work with a team of six to eight employees,” says owner Yvon Auger, “which gives me a big hand and makes it easier to manage my projects.”

Grip and electric wire
Although the company today is mostly present in the residential sector, it has been active in various sectors throughout its history. The company earned its stripes over the years with the installation of refrigerated counters in major grocery chains, in addition to working on major store renovations. Over time, those renovations became one of our specialties. The company was even asked to do such contracts in other regions. Originally, the company was one of the few to do this work, so we were called upon to execute contracts elsewhere in the province, including the Saguenay and Quebec City regions.

The company obviously has many other areas of expertise. In recent years, we won several contracts for the renovation of seniors’ residences, in addition to having worked on the restoration of the Église Notre Dame and the Grand Séminaire in Montreal.

Exceptionally, Bernard Légaré Ltd. also participated in digging underground conduits for the sewage system on behalf of EBC Inc. Two major contracts were actually carried out for the cities of Montreal and St-Jérome.

Since 2000, Bernard Légaré Ltd. has focused more on residential projects, while retaining its loyal customers from the 1980s-1990s.

The company works closely with designers, plumbers and general contractors. It is now specialized in building maintenance including Angus Square, seniors residence, electrical renovation and electric heating including baseboards, Convectairs, convectors and unit heaters. We also install and repair electric furnaces, specialty lighting, power distribution and complete wiring of old houses.

Is the next generation in place? It would seem so, as Yvon has two sons who are already active in the company, including one who plans to continue the same team spirit and specialize in new technologies.